Lost in Transportation

As I slowed to make the corner, I saw my wife in the turn lane headed in the opposite direction. Each of us had our window rolled down, so we waved vigorously at one another as we’d not seen each other in the past 12-hours. “I love you!” I shouted as I sped up to … Continue reading Lost in Transportation



Let Lucy have her sky Filled with inky blackness She gave up on life Outright surrendered She forgot And will never remember We are the diamonds Under pressure Lumps of coal Shit squeezed from us Until perfection Needling ones self Is such bullshit A crushing outcome

History of the Bei’myu-seh Bor’aan

Three known copies, an unholy Trinity, are all that exist of the vile Bei’myu-seh Bor’aan, written by Rabbinical scholar and Ashkenazic Jew, Abdiel Hoenig, who secretly rejected his natural-born faith, instead choosing to worship the cosmic entity, he knew as Zaa-q'ran. The ancient 200-page document he penned and hand-painted, predates the enigmatic Voynich manuscript by … Continue reading History of the Bei’myu-seh Bor’aan

Darkness of Sun Mountain (Part 4)

In the gloomy darkness, moved dwarf-like humanoid creatures, skulls peaked and flattened on the sides, with no ear holes, and reptilian eyes, large and round, and protruding jaws with two pointed fangs. Their hands and feet appeared unnaturally sinuous; bodies – if one may call it that – were unclothed, and possessed of a whitish … Continue reading Darkness of Sun Mountain (Part 4)

Darkness of Sun Mountain (Part 2)

As the years passed, the cho’er-ja koe’kro became less dependent on the outside world, developing ways of growing and gathering food from the Earth’s interior. Meanwhile, their bodies adapted to the dark: to change physically, becoming more bestial, shunning sunlight. Far below the budding mining town, and hidden within Six-Mile Valley by the eons of … Continue reading Darkness of Sun Mountain (Part 2)