The Eldritch Fireball of Candelaria (Part 3)

He was interrupted by a sudden guttural growl from an animal he didn’t recognize. He turned to look in the direction of the sound and was met by a horrific sight: Billy was sitting up, drooling and manically bellowing.

“What the…” is all Charlie can get out before Jack lets out a painful howl.

Billy has the outside of Jack’s left hand in his mouth and Jack is clubbing Billy with his free hand, while screaming, “He ain’t dead!”

Finally Billy lets go of Jack, who staggers away holding his hand. Meanwhile Charlie is stunned, staring at the once-dead Billy in absolute shock. As for Billy, his chin and lower jaw are dripping in blood, his skin has no color real coloration, and the look in his eye is so wild he could be Satan himself.

Billy shambles to his feet and rushed Charlie.

“Don’t let him bite you!” Jack yells.

Jack, nursing his teeth-torn hand, pulls his revolver and fires at Billy. The thunderous explosion from the barrel of his Single Action puts Billy on his back.

“Is he dead?” Charlie asks.

Jus’ then Billy starts to move again.

“Impossible!” Jack shouts, as Billy stands up.

Charlie waits for Billy to charge. This time, instead of running to avoid a nasty bite, he fires point blank in to the man’s head.

“That did it,” Jack says then realizing something, “Uh, I’m not saying we need to shoot anybody, but…”

“I already thought of that,” Charlie says, “Let us cross that bridge later, if we need too.”

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