He'd been stranded on the deserted island for nearly a month and was quickly losing all hope of ever being rescued. Then slightly below the horizon, he saw a boat. He'd been stranded in the middle of the ocean for nearly a month and was quickly losing all hope of ever being rescued. Then slightly … Continue reading Perspective


Hot Air

The song of the dragon's breath makes itself known from above. The long low huff, without the bellowing roar, assailing the chilled skies, under a newly rising sun, shadow casted downward, rounded and wingless. The magic of the hot air balloon in flight to a child's imagination.

Beyond the Walls of Berlin Canyon

“It flew with the claw-tipped wings of a pterodactyl, it swam in tepid seas with the vast, winding bulk of an ichthyosaurus, it bellowed uncouthly with the armored throat of some forgotten behemoth to the huge moon that burned through primordial mists.” – Ubbo-Sathla, Clark Ashton Smith, July, 1933. Between Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park and Richmond … Continue reading Beyond the Walls of Berlin Canyon


As he walked along the sidewalk, crossed a street or entered the overcast at the base of a building, others stepped out of the way, avoiding him. It was easy to see that he was being shadowed everywhere he went. And Lord help them when that shadow of his took the lead.

Beckoning Hills

If it is true what the movie, 'The Sound of Music,' claims when the song sung says the 'hills are alive with music,' then those crowning my Nevada desert life hum with strains of 'The Ride of the Valkyries,' drawing me in, only to plead their truest existence through the acapellic mourning of 'Cool Water.'

Law #50

Throughout this morning I've been trying to recall 'Murphy's Laws for the Hospital Corpsman,' but it may have been to long ago or I have filled my brain cavity with too many other things. Besides, I got hung up on law #50: "The good doc considers the risk before running to a casualty. The great … Continue reading Law #50

The Cats of Ck’u-my-u’us Ck’lot-c’

In the village of Ck’u-my-u’us Ck’lot-c’ there lived a quy’ug’ seh’, a witch, who enjoyed catching and killing cats as ritual sacrifices. The villagers feared this quy’ug’ seh’ and instead of complaining about his vicious activities, held their children close, thankful that it was not their child that had suffered such a heinous fate. One … Continue reading The Cats of Ck’u-my-u’us Ck’lot-c’

My wife is shopping. She sent me a picture of her in a pair of nice dress pants. She asked if I thought they made her behind look big. I returned her message saying, "Noo!" Autocorrect changed it to, "Moo!" Send help, quick!

The Fall of Sy’u-gi of Lo’meh

Some three millennia before, rose along the Ly'u-bol Glas-p'oo,  the Sy'u-gi' Ckulp'c in the R'um-ja' of Mo'Bu-Ju', with its odd gray and misshapen stones and its queer looking peoples. Translucent red, with loose and heavy skin, elongated noses, flabby lips and protuberant eyes, the peoples of Ckulp'c were considered a horror to behold. However, their … Continue reading The Fall of Sy’u-gi of Lo’meh