Zero Out

The small band of friends were hiking a few feet from a small river and through the low hills of the National Park with Tom lagging behind about two-hundred feet. While they continued, he knelt down to take a picture of a group of flowers. When they realized he had not caught up to them, … Continue reading Zero Out



A Nevada State Highway Patrol Trooper is making his regular late-night patrol when jus' before midnight, he spots a lone car parked in an out of the way ‘Lovers Lane.’ Believing he’ll catch the occupants in the throes of passion, he decides to investigate. As he carefully approaches the car to get a closer look, … Continue reading Timing

Walking in Reno

Saw the spirit of Marilyn, Saying goodbye to Mr. Miller, From the courthouse steps. Followed her down To the Virginia Street bridge, Watching breathlessly, She tossed her ring Into the swift moving Truckee. Then with no one asking Her for her autograph, She simply turned away, Laughing and smiling, Walking in Reno, Marilyn faded away.

David Hufford’s Overland Journal, April 1849

David Hufford is my great-great-grandfather on my mother's side. His diary or journal has since been lost to the family, history, and to time. What follows though, is from a handwritten transcript of those pages, made by my mother, Margery Ann Olivera Darby Middleton. She also transcribed the following from the book, "The History of … Continue reading David Hufford’s Overland Journal, April 1849

While Stripping the Bed

Sotiredofthisstupidcoughandcoldandhavingtostripwashandremakethebedsainthelpinganyeither"Buddy get outta my way. You too, Roxy. No, don’t lay down."ouchthathangnailagaingottadosomethingaboutthatisthecoffeepotstillondidievenmakecoffeethismorningyeahididirememberspillingwaterallovertheplace"Get outta my way, dogs!"isuredotalktomyselfalotiwonderwhatthiswould looklikewrittendownlittlevoicebigvoicewhichiswhichandsoforthineedto exploreitihatethesesheetstheyretoobigforthebedthepillowistoolargefor thepillowcase"Get off my foot! Now, outta the way!"iwishicouldstop coughingwhatsitbeenfourorfivedaysnowwhymemybibsshoulderstrapkeeps fallingdownpissingmeoffcrapthathangailagainwherearetheclippersagain "Roxy, you’re so cute with your tongue hanging out like that. Come here, girl. I’ll give you some loves. Oh, okay, you too, Buddy."coffeewineed somecoffeeineedacoughdroptoo"Okay, back up … Continue reading While Stripping the Bed

On a Roll

They never saw his nose twitch at the smell of the newly turned piles of dirt. What they did see was a grown man join his three dogs as all four rolled in the brown earth till absolutely covered in moist loam and happiness. The cops said they weren't breaking any laws.

The Jasper Fire

Spanish Springs area, Northern Nevada, July 13, 2019... Light shift, yellow, orange, Darkening the already dark Rooms behind the curtains. Effects noticeable and now. Wild land fire, burning hill South, moving northbound. So much dense gray smoke And very little information. Voluntary evacuations, the Services moving neighbor To neighbor, door by door Those red globes … Continue reading The Jasper Fire


“The backyard feels so cluttered,” she said, staring out the back window. “It’s a simple procedure and I’ll be right there, holding you hand, while you’re having it done,” he said. “Clean up is a breeze, you said?” “Your avoiding the subject.” “Not really. I’m talking about clutter – so are you -- aren’t you?” … Continue reading Clutter

"So, if you're made in the image of God," the Sunday-school teacher asked, "And God is a thousand points of light, what are you?" The lengthy silence was broken when a little girl in the back of the class shouted, "A lighthouse!"

For days now, I have had a cold. Still and without complaint, I get up and do what needs done. Today, it was mowing the back yard. I say WAS, because I practically choked-to-death on the cough drop I'd taken to prevent me from hacking till I could not breathe. God is laughing at me, … Continue reading


Passing shower, lightening, thunder, Drench far-off balded nobs of granite, Followed by unforgiving slanting sun, Setting hills on fire with shining gloss. In short-order, those same bare nobs, Where rain evaporates before it puddles Those lifted hills will forget halos glow Burning a deep gray, brown and yellow. Dry wind and dust, oppressive land, Littered … Continue reading Heat-scape

The paramedic instructor asked, "What is the difference between the male and the female reproductive organs?"  The only one to raise a hand, she called on me and I answered, "It's a vas deferens." She didn't get it -- forcing me to explain the joke to her snickering class.

You know you're in real 'cowboy country' when you enter a nice restaurant and see four men seated at a table with eight chairs and those extra four chairs each hold a ten-gallon Stetson, crown down, brim up, maintaining their 'good fortunes.'

And suddenly, I have 'old man' skin, with the tearing at the groping of a rose bush thorn upon my forearm. Perhaps the coming rain shower will reveal that I'm actually no more than crepe paper.