Some Needed T-L-C

My sister, Deirdre sent me two hefty boxes of personal effects that belonged to our Mom. She’s had them in storage since mom’s death in 2002.

While a bit overwhelming, I am devising a plan to archive much of it as it consists of old family pictures, newspaper clipping, postcards and such. In fact I’ve already taken the liberty to salvage the 82-year-old newspaper clipping regarding my Great-Grandma Rosa’s murder, which has never been treated right since the day it was first published.

The best I could do is clip off the ragged edges from where it was torn from the paper back in 1937, and using Elmer’s Glue-All and heavy black archival paper, glue it down and flatten out the crease where it had been fold and unfolded so much that some of the newsprint has fallen away. There are so many more clippings like the one below that need ‘T-L-C.’

Eighty-two-years! There are a number of pieces to this story that need fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle, and I have plans to write about this at a later date, but first, I have some boxes to finish going through.

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