Doggie Style

“Really?” Ernie complained after Candy had leaned in through the car window and kissed Tim and whispered something in his ear. Tim had shook his head 'yes' in response. “What?” Tim laughingly asked, know full well where Ernie was heading with his comment. “You willingly kissed that dog-face!” Ernie exclaimed. “Yeah, I did,” Tim shot … Continue reading Doggie Style


One penny is a single reality. A second penny is another reality, different from the first. If the two pennies are rubbed together, then separated, do they leave behind traces of themselves on the other and are you jus' as broke? Asking for Rick Sanchez and 'Doc' Brown.

Christopher Sean David, 2000-2019

Christopher is my biological child. Below is the original obituary as written by his loving family... On Saturday, March 16, 2019, our beloved Christopher Sean David passed from this life surrounded by his family at Kalispell Regional Medical Center. He was born on Dec. 13, 2000, in Reno, Nevada, to Christine Mattingly Hesselman. On June … Continue reading Christopher Sean David, 2000-2019

Bid Time Return 1979

There's something awe-inspiring when fiction (especially time-travel) and non-fiction (actual historical events) criss-cross. Begun in 1995, but left unfinished following Christopher Reeves riding accident, I'd heard five or six years prior about how 'Somewhere in Time,' screenwriter/author Richard Matheson, came up with his story-line. In 1975, while visiting Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada … Continue reading Bid Time Return 1979

The Gap

While surveying the gap, he felt himself shoved forward. He quickly slid in, penetrating a vast darkness. Over and over again, he tried to escape. The exertion left him violently sick. He was deflated by the time he was yanked from the pit. Nine months later...

Sweet Nothings

He loved how his girlfriend woke him up, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, then climbing on his manliness for amazing morning sex. However, he hasn’t enjoyed her companionship so much since her funeral. Half of their love, after all, is dead.

When Grim Grins

The Marine Corps sniper lay still, trigger-finger slightly touching the thing inside the guard. His spotter lay next to him, field glasses pressed against his cheek bones, before whispering, "On my signal -- send him to Hell." The Grim Reaper stood off to the side, unseen, but grinning widely.


Everything was fine until tragic event/nothing happened. It was normal. Until I found a mild curiosity. I asked insert friend/family member and they didn’t know anything about it. I explored further and found more mysteries/monster. If anyone knows anything about this please tell me/ it is still out there.

It's not pulling the sword from stone that's difficult, it's putting it back after learning about the crap that comes with possessing the damned thing.

Nevada’s Senate Backdoors the Second Amendment

After amending the first 12 pages of the 34 page AB291 and posting it to the state’s website less than an hour before a supposed public hearing, the Nevada Senate voted in favor of a firearms preemption bill that allows different jurisdictions to have different laws and also creates a Red Flag law. First off, … Continue reading Nevada’s Senate Backdoors the Second Amendment