Eden Enforced, Part 2

The Central Authority claimed it had all started that year. However Dom knew it had begun earlier than that — over 25 years before the deadly rioting of that year.

Yes, Dom had been part of a movement to take control of the United States from Progressives. He had been vocal in his opposition to what the media labeled, “Hillary Care.”

Fortunately the idea of socialized medicine died with the Clinton presidency. However it raised its ugly head once again some decade and a half later — this time as the “Affordable Care Act.”

It was the first time Dom recognized the new media dialog of “parsing.” The act turned out to be anything but ‘affordable’ and it eventually led to the governmeny take over of all health care in the country.

But it wasn’t health care that lead to the riots that year — it was the dismantling of the second amendment. The loss of privately owned pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotgun created a chasm between the people and politicians.

It too, began with a parsing of words. Gun control enthusiasts changed the argument to gun safety and before people knew it cities and townships were holding gun swap rallies which lead to voluntary registrations then mandatory registrations.

Finally, once the Federal Government announced that it had signed the United Nations’ “Arms Trade Treaty”, and that all but two states ratified the treaty, rioting broke out across the country. Soon military units from Russia, China and Mexico, called up by the U.N., arrived to put a halt to the rioting.

It was unknown to Dom and possibly to the Central Authority how many people died during that week’s event. That’s when the “DDP” formed, which organized the disappearance of those who wanted no part in what they believed to be a new one-world government.

“It’s funny how they took an insult, and turned it around,” Dom thought of the DDP.

He knew DDP stood for ‘Dooms Day Preppers,’ which he had seen on TV years ago, but paid little attention too. Shortly there after, the third banking collapse happened.

By this time Dom and his family were living in the mountains between Utah and Nevada. He had decided to join up with the “DDP” but failed to make contact before the authorities swooped in and detained those not already living in one of the designated Resettlement sites.

“I didn’t know they were for real” or “I figured that was a bunch of right-wing hog-wash,” and worse was heard throughout the compounds. Dom realized then many people had swallowed the worm and hook the media had lured them with and now it appeared to be too late

Dom’s wife Anne died in one of the compounds. By that time Dom was in a Reeducation camp along with his son, Cam.

Cam, however disappeared early one morning over a year ago. Rumor was that he took the old man’s advice and escaped the first chance he had.

“And don’t you worry about me,” he told Cam. “Jus’ get yourself free and keep moving and don’t you dare try to rescue me.”

The thought brought an agonizing pain to Dom’s heart. He had raised the boy to do right and the rest he had to leave “up to God.”

Through the entire struggle, Dom believed God would make into good that which is bad.

A Gate Keeper caught Dom praying once. Within the hour they dragged Dom from his domicile and chained him to a wooden pillar in the middle of the compound.

With the sound of a horn, the citizens of the compound gathered to hear it announced that Dom was to be caned — 20 lashes for failing to appreciate all that the Central Authority had given him in exchange for his life.

Dom could vaguely recall the third blow. He passed out and suffered the following 17 blows in silence.

When he awakened he had lost several days and several pounds.

The wounds were open and raw. He could barely move from the pain that racked his entire body.

Dom managed to drag himself up the wall of his domicile and peer out the slit facing the compounds center. He did his best to hold himself up as he reached for the door.

However the room twisted and turned as he pulled the door open. Dom fainted in the doorway where he remained to early the next morning.

Something was picking at this skin. It hurt one moment then felt relieving the next.

Too weak to get up Dom laid on the cold cement surface of the room as the sun jabbed a beam of light through the window slit in the back of the room where his cot stood. It was then that he saw the shadow that moved across his back.

Stronger and slightly in fear, Dom moved as if to roll over and the shadow jumped to life and streaked away. It floated gently to the top of Gate Keepers shack, looking back at Dom.

A black bird was making a meal of maggots growing in his infected wounds.

Dom lay back down quietly and soon the bird returned. Hours and hours later long after the sun had gone away the bird flew away, having eaten every last morsel it could find.

Dom owed his life to both the maggots and the black bird for cleansing his wounds. He took it as a sign from God that He has seen Dom’s struggles and when God deemed it right, all would be traded for blessings.

Slowly his wounds healed and though not fully strong enough, they returned Dom to the general work force. As a member of a crew of ten men, they made then dig ditches manually, complete terracing and fill in rutted roadways.

The physical labor was hard but it left Dom feeling whole. It also made him work muscles and flex joints that he would have otherwise allowed to soften or grow stiff.

He also realized that to survive the camp he would need to become a model student— a step below becoming a model citizen. Dom decided to devour whatever he was given to memorize and regurgitate it when required.

5 thoughts on “Eden Enforced, Part 2”

  1. A grim possibility, Tom. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to cause wide-scale unemployment among the middle and working classes. What will they do with all the people? This sounds like a possible solution.

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  2. In the future, re-education camps will not use hard labor and physical torture, instead the inmates will be forced to watch an endless loop of network news……you know, all those upbeat, bouncy pharmaceutical commercials. What could be worse than that?

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