Dorothy Shields, 1961-2019

Writing an obituary is possibly the hardest tasks a grieving family has to face. Because of this, sometimes it gets set aside and may eventually be ignored until it seems that it no longer matters — I mean the loved-one is gone and so what’s the point, right?

Well, the obituary isn’t for the lost loved-one, it’s for those of us left behind and we all deserved to be remembered in some way, big or small, with our family and friends. That’s why I often offer to help write obituaries as I have a God-given gift called writing and I feel I should use it to help others, not simply satisfy my ego.

On a more personal note, I only aided with Dorothy’s obituary, it was her sister, Marie who carried most of this burden. Thank you, Marie for letting me help you and your family.

Dorothy and I were jus’ reconnecting after having lost touch for nearly 38 years, so it’s very hard to learn that she is gone before we had a chance to share all of our memories as kids and our separate recollections as adults. Rest in peace, Dorothy, my dear friend. See you soon along the banks of Heaven’s great river…

Born November 1, 1961, on her father’s birthday in Crescent City, California to Beverly (Adamson) and John Van Dusen, Dorothy Lenore Shields passed away on April 25, 2019 at her home in New Castle, California. She worked as a waitress at Thunder Valley Cafe in Lincoln, California, where she was a good friend and constant support to her coworkers.

Dorothy was born with a mothering soul and taking care of people was her gift. Dorothy even took on the responsibility of caring for her siblings at the tender age of 13. She enjoyed painting, taking photographs, playing with her grandchildren and loved her family more than anything

She graduated from Del Norte High School in Crescent City in 1979 then joined the U.S. Army, serving as a Chaplains Assistant, while stationed in Germany. Following her discharge Dorothy returned home to Klamath, California, before eventually settling in New Castle with her husband.

Dorothy cared very deeply for others and was always there to listen and to provide a shoulder to cry on while giving great advice. Loving and compassionate, she was always giving so much of herself and did all she could to help others through the difficult times in their lives.

Preceded in death by her mother, Beverly, Dorothy is survived by her husband, John Shields; son’s, John and Jacob Gregory (Shara;) grandchildren, Auron, Rylan, Charleigh, Serenity, Zane, Hunter, Jocelyn and Jameson, her father John (Jeanette); sister’s Julie Bergren and Marie Reed (Robert); and brother, Robert Van Dusen; nieces and nephews, Cevin Bergren, Rhonda Bergren, Crystal Gasser, Terah Van Dusen, Beth Clark and Dallas Reed.

7 thoughts on “Dorothy Shields, 1961-2019”

  1. To Dorothy my loved one I have not seen in a while, we had our ups and downs but I always knew in my heart we would get back together. I just didn’t know I had such a short time. I am grateful that I got to know you and be close to you and that I received your love. I am grateful that you and our kids got to spend time together. I am sad, to the heart where it’s broken, because we again are separated. I know you are with our Father, and I will see you there.

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  2. This is to my best friend I miss you I was not expecting this yes we were apart but in my heart I knew we were always together I was hoping to see you one more time and yes all the memories we had together all the loving connection are kids growing up together I will miss you and I love you see you up there Dorothy love Lori

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  3. Thank you again, Tom. You have a wonderful way with words and I am so thankful for your help, because I don’t. It was so generous of you to offer to help us at this time. This was the first obit that I have had to write, and I dreaded every minute of it. We will never forget your generosity and thoughtfulness.

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  4. That was great thank you so much, my aunt was a wonderful lady, she was a very important person to me and I will always miss her.

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  5. Dorothy I love our memories together as kids in Klamath. I hold them dear to my heart. Wish I could have spoken to you more over the last few years. My condolences to the family. And to you Julie, Dorothy is in Heaven with my brother Jeff having a really good time. I remember walking through the hills and Forest behind your grandma’s house to get to your house.Dorothy told me to come over so we can hang out, when we were age 10 very young. That was the most scariest thing I ever done. We talked a lot about looking for bigfoot. LOL I made it to her house safe and sound. My mom was so mad at me she said I could have been eaten by a bear. And came and picked me up 2 hours later. Dorothy well be deeply missed. Sending My Love Dorothy to heaven to you.

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  6. Thank you so much Tom for all your help! It really means a lot! I love and miss my sister so much!

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