Questions Arise from Nevada’a ERA Bill

After reading the Nevada State Equal Right Amendment or SJR8, and aside from the fact that it is being pushed last minute (three days left of the 2019 Nevada State Legislature as of this writing) without public input, Section 24 of the bill is the most concerning and reads: “Equality of rights under the law … Continue reading Questions Arise from Nevada’a ERA Bill


Slip Stream

We’ve been working on the displacement project for so long now, that it never occurred to any of us that we may have ruptured the world-line and captured ourselves in an endless and repetitive loop. That is until

The Gnawing

“It’s said that ‘man cannot live by bread alone,’” he called out. In silence, he proceeded to gnaw at the stale gluten-filled crust, before adding, “If not wine, then how about a shot of whiskey?” Concrete walls echoed his refrain.

Honey Bees

The body made a relaxed thud as it toppled into the pre-dug hole following the echo of the single gunshot. It was then covered in loose dirt from the hole and disguised with flowers planted on top and each in a perfect row. The honey bees were never so happy that spring.

Messy Embrace

The suicidal man watched the bomber, with his explosive-laden vest and dead-mans switch, and sighed. “Hey, long time no see, my friend," he called out as he enveloped the astonished stranger in a long bear hug. The ensuing blast was a messy embrace that saved several lives.

The Mystery Surrounding Donnell Vista

It was Monday, August 8, 2005 when 64-year-old Nita Mayo traveled over Sonora Pass. Last seen at the Strawberry General Store near Pinecrest, California, the nurse didn't return to her job at Mt. Grant General Hospital, in Hawthorne, Nevada, the following day. Alarmed, her co-workers contacted the Mineral County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office and reported her … Continue reading The Mystery Surrounding Donnell Vista


She screamed at him because he was in jungle fatigues, loudly muttering, ‘I don’t want to remember all the faces of the people I’ve killed.’ He didn’t need to remember their faces; he woke every morning to their pale, rotting forms standing over his bed -- each riddled with holes from the gunfire shot through … Continue reading Holes

Tariff War

“Sir, we have intel suggesting the enemy is preparing to strike.” “What kind of strike?” “Like nothing we’ve ever seen before.” “Get to the point – what are they planning?” “To strike.” “To strike what? Us?” “No. sir, themselves.” “I thought you said they were going to attack?” “No, sir. I said ‘strike.’” “That make’s … Continue reading Tariff War

Decades Old Murders in Northern Nevada and Eastern California Solved

For nearly 37-years, she was simply known  as “Sheep’s Flat Jane Doe.” She was discovered shot to death by hikers near a trail close to Mount Rose Highway, in Washoe County, Nevada, on July 17, 1982. But now she has her given name back: Mary Silvani, born in Pontiac, Michigan, in 1948. After developing a … Continue reading Decades Old Murders in Northern Nevada and Eastern California Solved