Ordeal by Oil

On many an evening, before bedtime, I will scratch my wife’s back until she hands me the Lavender Oil to rub out the itchy dryness she endures daily.

“It also helps me sleep,” she explains.

Knowing I have difficulty falling and staying asleep, she has recommended several times that I should try it. I finally did.

After rubbing it into my shoulders and down both arms, I washed my hands and turned in for the night. As I lay in bed, I felt my left arm and thought, “Kinda feels smooth.”

Minutes later I found myself slipping off into la-la land. Then my left eye began to itch and I quickly rubbed it with my right hand.

Within minutes, I realized my mistake as my eye began to sting. Soon it was burning and I had to get a wet, cold wash clothe to place over it.

There seemed to be no relief at first as I sat on the side of my bed nursing a now swollen eye and cussing at myself for my stupidity. It took a couple of hours before I began to feel any relief.

Then my right eye itched…

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