Baby Grand

Grabbing my day-pack, I hopped in my truck and headed east, then north along the highway. It had been a long winter and I wanted to get out, get free, cut loose for an hour or two before return to my hum-drum life.

After parking, I hiked into the rocky hills and out of sight of all other people. Here I could be me as I found what I was looking for – the old beaten up, weathered and abandoned baby-grand piano.

How the hell it came to be here, I didn’t know, but we held a wonderful afternoon recital anyway.

3 thoughts on “Baby Grand”

  1. This is almost haunting in how the character knew there was this random piano out in the fields. You know, kind of Twilight-zone-like because you just can’t quite put your finger on what’s up.

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  2. Do you really play piano Tom? I wanted to learn as a child but the excuse was we didn’t have a piano. I said I’d learn after school at school. But nope. Parents should listen harder to wishes and dreams.

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