Original Skin

“There are two schools of thought, about the flaying of a human for sexual gratification,” the retired medical examiner lectured, “But rather than bore you to death with definitions and such, I’d prefer to explain in simple terms how the criminal mind interacts with their victim.”

He paused for sip of water.

“In one case, the simpler case, the criminal mind sees the victim as nothing more than prey. Therefore, that mind will see the required ‘skinning’ as a task, generally done from the front of the human, much like one would begin with say a buck, cow or pig, completely removing the skin from the back of the animal”

He picked up a scalpel that lay on his desk.

“In the more profound case, the criminal mind views the human body as a piece of art and will begin from behind, removing the skin, in toto, from the front. The reasoning being that the front of the human body – especially the female body — at least for me,” he snickered, “is a masterpiece, a thing of beauty.”

He walked calmly across the room, smiling, “Can you guess of which criminal mind I am?”

She squirmed violently against the leather straps that bound her naked body face down on the dissection table as he drew the blade across her paling skin.

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