Antithetical Me

Let me be upfront – I’m pissed-off and I’m tire of explaining the how’s and why’s of my life simply because I did not do it the way you, you and you think it should’ve been done, especially since you, you, and you claim it’s never been done that way before. So let’s be finished with it:

First off, I’ve never existed. I wasn’t born in France and I never lived in Sacramento on Mather Air Force Base, nor had a brother named Adam, born there.

No, I didn’t move to Klamath and I wasn’t raised there. Neither of my sisters were born in Crescent City at Seaside Hospital. I didn’t go to Margaret Keating or St. Joe schools. And never have I attended a day at Del Norte High. Hell, I didn’t even graduate. Nor did I deliver newspapers, work at the Trees of Mystery or participate in track and field.

Again, I was never in the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps and had I been — I certainly would’ve never received an honorable discharge from either branch of service. And I’ve never worked in radio broadcasting, print media or written a story. I’ve never been married and I don’t have a grown son.

So, since you, you and you are always questioning me about this, that or the other thing, I hope I’ve answered your demands about how, in a satisfactory fashion. Finally, if this doesn’t meet your standards – if I don’t meet your standards – you, you and you can each kiss my fucking ass – because I don’t care what you think about how something in my life should’ve been done.

Hopefully, I’ve made myself somewhat transparent or at least as clear as the muddy water, you, you and you keep stirring up.

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