The Newly Wed

It was a dark, but very clear night as the two of us stood alone on the tenement roof top. Bruce had very little to say as he was thinking. After three-months of marriage he was coming to regret his saying ‘I do.’

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do for him, as this was a situation he’d have to work out on his own. There are only so many things a guy is able to do for a friend – and marital interference isn’t one of them.

I could see his situation had him down and pressed so heavily on him that he’d taken up smoking to relieve the pressure – something I had discussed with him before. He said he could stop anytime he wanted too.

“Well,” Bruce growled in a graveled-whisper, crushing out his cigarette, “Better get home. Looks like I have milk to pick up.”

“I completely understand,” I said, ‘Being a married man myself.”

We both looked up at the beam where the word ‘milk’ shined in the center shape of the well-known winged mammal. With a heavy sigh, the Batman disappeared into the black void of the city and I wondered if I should talk to his missus, reminding her that her grocery lists are not what the Bat Light’s designed for.

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