Shoe-box Ford

After days of walking, creating nighttime shelter out of my now-worn out plastic tarp, I was happy to see an old abandoned car in the raven to my right. The rain seemed to be never-ending, with lightning clawing across the sky and thunder booming both day and night. Once I realize that the windows were … Continue reading Shoe-box Ford


The Incident at Stool Leg

“Those god-damned Kachina Dolls are at it again,” G.I. Joe stated to the gathering of Green Army Men. He’d jus’ been updated by the clay-colored Cowboy’s, who’d been out in search of the red-colored Indians. The Indian’s had slipped off the ‘rez’ earlier in the morning, saying they were raiding a cupboard. However, instead of the cupboards, … Continue reading The Incident at Stool Leg

Pair from Crescent City Missing in Bay Area

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help in locating a 32-year-old woman, who disappeared shortly after going to pick up a friend at a San Francisco, California hospital. Kimberly 'Cheri' Clifton-Madsen was last heard from February 1, 2019. Cheri is five-foot-nine-inches tall, weighs about 125 pounds, has shoulder length, blonde hair … Continue reading Pair from Crescent City Missing in Bay Area

Lost Coast: Crescent City’s Missing Dead

As often is the case, when towns become increasingly populated, the local cemetery is eventually relocated to make more room. One such cemetery, once found at the foot of 9th Street, in Crescent City, California, is now known as ‘Brother Jonathan Point’ and ‘Brother Jonathan Park.’ In 1949, local Kiwanis Club members took it upon themselves to … Continue reading Lost Coast: Crescent City’s Missing Dead

Missing Crescent City, California Woman Sought

UPDATE 3: Edward Culver Hughes IV was taken into custody by the Del Norte County sheriff's office following a three-hour stand-off on February 18, 2019. He is charged with homicide and bail has been set at $1 million. UPDATE 2: The Del Norte County Sheriff's office has identified the body as that of Emiley Tesch-Hughes. Her … Continue reading Missing Crescent City, California Woman Sought

Where the Black Dahlia Comes Close to Home

Alfre Woodard could be heard over half a block away as she screamed at a house on Roberts Street, in Reno, Nevada, which is where the majority of the film crew, including stand-in’s, extras and walk-on’s, not involved directly with the current scene being shot. "Miss Sally Brown! Come on out here. I know you're … Continue reading Where the Black Dahlia Comes Close to Home