How Blue

One of my writing/blogging friends, Stella wrote this very sexual free-verse poem, titled ‘Mindfulness,’ and my dirty mind exploded. Once I picked the pieces up and stuffed them back in my pants, I sat down to pen a response…

‘Hot,’ but I meant ‘HOT!’
She wrote a poem, feelings
Put to words, that caused
A blue jean sensation…
Uh, If you get my drift.

And speaking of drifts,
It was a snow drift in
The field that brought
My fiery burning balls
To an icy-screaming halt.

Oh you may laugh a bit,
But there’s Kodachrome
Proof and it’s there to be
Seen by all who can dare
To see a real pecker drag.

When I said, she gave me
Blue balls, she had no way
Of knowing that I spoke
The truth and I had no way
To know how blue I meant.

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