Is it simply an ending? Maybe it's cautionary. A beginning of something else. Perhaps it's a warning: A great big sharp-toothed Prehistoric fishy's gonna fly Out of the dark murky depths And bite you in your arse. No? What then? Then que the suspense music! Dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun, Done, done, done, done, done... May you … Continue reading FIN.


University of Nevada-Reno Loses Division I Rifle Team

The anti-Second Amendment movement continues to go after guns, this time with the sanctioned the help of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, by targeting university and high school sport-shooting team competition. It also appears the movement has gone ‘anti-women,’ in its latest victory. The NCAA is slowly ending all Division I rifle teams within the … Continue reading University of Nevada-Reno Loses Division I Rifle Team

Somewhere in the Land of Nye

“The vast sage desert undulates with almost imperceptible tides like the oceans,” wrote Native American author Frank Waters in 1999. Unfortunately, Nelson Franks had no mind for such quotes, had he even the slightest idea who Waters was. It was a town that didn’t appear on his electronic device, but that didn’t matter to Nelson. … Continue reading Somewhere in the Land of Nye

‘Fake News’ Begins with the Headline

The headline reads: “7-Year-Old Immigrant Girl Dies After Border Patrol Arrest.” This is such a disingenuous header. A more truthful and neutral headline might have read: "7-Year-Old Girl Dies After Desert Border Crossing." The child was severely dehydrated after eight days in the desert. She was also malnourished, making it extremely difficult for her to … Continue reading ‘Fake News’ Begins with the Headline

It was Christmas and the judge was in a merry mood as he asked the prisoner, “Do you know what are you charged with?” “Doing my Christmas shopping early,” replied the defendant. “That’s no offense,” said the judge. “How early were you doing this shopping?” Before the store opened,” countered the prisoner.

Endangered Teen Runaway Sought

UPDATE: Samantha has been found safe and is back with her family. Sparks, Nevada Police need help finding an endangered runaway teenager, who could be considering heading out-of-state. Thirteen-year-old Samantha Jones was last seen at her home on Noreen Drive on Wednesday, December 5th. “There’s no concern at this time that she was abducted or that she … Continue reading Endangered Teen Runaway Sought

How to Eff-up a Job Interview in Three Easy Steps

There are specific ways to fuck-up a job interview without putting much effort into it and after five-years of fruitless effort at trying to find work, I'm well on my way to mastering each. For this lesson, let's go down the line in numerical order: Argue with the security guard at the main gate because he … Continue reading How to Eff-up a Job Interview in Three Easy Steps