The Last Survivors

The dig was going along swimmingly for the old archaeologist. Soon, he’d have all the answers to the age-old question that science struggled with for eons: where did man come from?

Professor Horatio Goldfarb jus’ didn’t know it yet.

Evolution had long ago hypothesized that Homo Sapiens descended from monkeys or apes. ‘Old Farb,’ as he was known, had spent his entire career trying to disprove that theory which seemed so popular among his much-learned colleagues, as they continued to misinterpret Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species.’

“There has to be a master designer — nothing simply comes into being on its own,” he often said.

In his exploration of both ancient texts and even older sites, he tirelessly searched the globe for what had long eluded mankind. But now it was found, uncovered and ready to be examined completely.

He and his team had found the real ‘missing link’ in the middle of a Kansas wheatfield and he was certain it held all the clues as well as all the answers to his quest. Tucked beneath a cavernous tent, shielded from the broiling sun and the prying eyes of the curious, he slowly opened the thing.

His flashlight pierced the long dark interior and what he saw turned his world upside down. It was mostly empty, save for two hollow sarcophagi and endless engravings and inscriptions, along what he supposed, were the walls.

Among the multitude of diagrams, he recognized three basic languages: Classical Hebrew, Sumerian Cuneiform and Egyptian Hieroglyphic, though each had a slight variance to what the University’s and Colleges taught. And by using all three, he quickly deciphered the texts and came away with a possible answer for what he’d discovered.

Goldfarb scratched a few words in his journal before continuing to investigate his find, “It’s the story of Kal-El, come to life and he had a companion, a female!”

After stuffing his journal in his back pocket, the old archaeologist rubbed his hands together, hoping to learn why Mars had become extinct and how Adam and Eve came to be the planet’s last survivors.

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