Oopsie! I Did It Again

Can you say, “Jus’ like Jim Acosta?” I knew you could!

It’s a rather common occurrence for me — getting placed in ‘FB jail’ from time to time. That’s where I am after opining that CNN’s Jim Acosta physically battered the woman trying to take the White House Press Corps’ microphone away from him upon the direction of President Trump.

In what my wife calls a ‘heated exchange,’ someone demanded in so many words, that I ‘sit down and be quiet,’ that I was being ‘abusive’ towards the woman whose opinion I challenged. My retort was that this is the same thing Trump did to Acosta and yet what they are calling  ‘ a wrong,’ in this case, is like “the pot calling the kettle — and all that.”

Mind you, some of these same people are ones who believed, and possibly still do, that Judge Brett Kavanagh sexually assaulted a number of women even though there was never any corroborating evidence to these claims, and two, maybe three of his accusers have since withdrawn their accusations. The same people who ‘got up in my face’ on FB are also some of the same who are quick to defend Acosta, denying his ‘manhandling of a woman,’ though it can clearly be seen, and is fully documented on video.

Personally, I think these people defending the CNN reporter, see Acosta as being on ‘their side,’ because he too displays an open contempt — if not an outright hatred of President Trump. What an error in judgment on their part, because the only side Acosta is on, is ‘his own.’

Soon after, and I’m only guessing here, I discovered myself blocked from further use of FB because the same person claiming I was ‘abusive,’ reported me, and FB being the politically correct organization that they are, has temporarily banned me from enjoining any further discussions. And no, I’m not angry about this happening as all it comes with the territory.

Like him, hate him…this isn’t about Trump. This is about the overtly hostile media that has plagued him since before he became President and od which costa is a fine example.

Being a member of the WH Press Corps is a privilege and not a right. Acosta has no rights when it comes to being there and that’s all being ‘banned’ means. His right to free speech and free press has not been violated and neither has ours, as there are many more reporters in that pool who will file ‘slanted stories, filled with dark-color’ for the mainstream media to rewrite and take to their readers, listeners and viewers.

Acosta was the instigator, as is his habit. He doesn’t ask questions — he makes accusations and argues. Almost daily, he does it with the press secretary; Wednesday, he did it with the President.

“I want to challenge you,” Acosta began, which is not how you ask a question, after Trump called on him. Trump gave the man an opportunity to act with professional decorum, but instantly knew that wasn’t going to happen, murmuring, “Here we go.”

Of course, the ever combative Acosta didn’t disappoint. He refused to give up the Press Corps’ microphone and kept talking over Trump, who finally pointed at him and said, “That’s enough, that’s enough. Put down the mic.”

When the woman, tasked with taking the mic and handing it to the next reporter Trump called upon, Acosta, using his forearm pushed her forearm downward with enough force as to make her bend forward and let go of the mic she’d been trying to wrestle from his grip. That is not ‘reporting the story, that is becoming the story.’

Personally, I thought when Trump stepped away from the podium, he was going to step down and personally take the mic from Acosta. I think the erstwhile CNN reporter realized this, and flopped his ass right down in his chair, finally surrendering the mic to the intern.

As for his unlawfully touching the WH intern: battery is any unlawful offensive physical contact with another person. That is what Acosta did and I’ll stand by that claim as I watched it several times and from differing angles.

If I were a law enforcement officer, I’d have him in handcuff and sitting in the back of a cruiser already. But he’s part of the ‘Washingtonian elitist establishment,’ and is apparently ‘untouchable,’ (pun intended.)

As for me, I will return to FB soon enough. And soon enough, I’ll find myself booted off again when it comes to sharing my opinion — which I also believe is the truth.

Keep on keeping on — because the good-fight is never lost.

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