Las Vegas Shooting: Cab Driver Cori Langdon

From my notes:  “Two sisters of Marilou Danley say that the Las Vegas murderer sent her away so that he could plan the shooting “without interruptions.””

A Las Vegas taxi driver who drove five passengers to safety the night of the mass shooting is tired of being called a hero. Cori Langdon in line a the Mandalay Bay, waiting to pick up passengers when she heard gunfire.

“There were so many other people who put themselves in harm’s way,” Cori Langdon said. “I just stumbled upon it. I heard what sounded like two pops. I think that’s when he was blowing out the window, but I don’t know. Then it continued and that’s when I turned on the video camera.

I wasn’t thinking I could warn anybody or anything; it just wasn’t in my mind. I just didn’t even fathom that it could be anything like that. If I had to choose one word to say how I felt for a few minutes while it was happening, I was just clueless, dumbfounded and in disbelief. Three words. I wanted people who weren’t there to see what was going through other people’s minds, the people who did experience the horror and saw things that nobody else will ever see.”

She refused to go towards the Strip once she got away from it even though she was offered $100 to do so, “They were kind of mean, to be honest with you, but I have to give them a pass because they had just experienced the most horrific thing they’d ever seen. Honestly, I wouldn’t have gone back anyway, so that shows I’m not really a hero.

I’ve heard everything from ‘You’re an angel’ and ‘You’re a hero’ to telling me what a terrible person I was because I asked them for $11 that was on the meter. But if they don’t pay it I have to pay it, and I don’t have a lot of money these days.”

She keeps finding people, especially Las Vegans, who are still fearful, “But I told them, ‘You can’t be afraid to do things, If you’re afraid to do things, then the terrorists or these crazy people, the dude up on the 32nd floor, then he wins. And you can’t let those people win. You gotta live your life. You have to keep on going.’”

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