Las Vegas Shooting: Mark Gay and Fred Rowbotham

From my notes:  “Several witnesses, survivors, bystanders and law enforcement officers are still saying there were multiple shooters at the Las Vegas concert.”

As bullets ripped into country music fans, over 300 people ran a mile to the Las Vegas airport. In doing so they kicked down chain-link fences, climbed through razor wire and were briefly mistaken for attackers.

“I’m thinking to myself, I don’t know if the airport police know what’s going on yet,” says Mark Gay of Anahiem, California, “We were running, running out of the dark. If the cops were on that side, they don’t know who we are. So it was: ‘Put your arms out when you’re coming in.’”

“We were making the decision — we’re headed to the airport. The airport seems like the most secure, safe place,” says Fred Rowbotham, an off-duty police officer from the San Diego area.

As for Gay, “We’re still trying to remember how many fences we actually knocked down.”

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