Las Vegas Shooting: UNLV Assistant Hockey Coach Nick Robone

From my notes:  “When police officers closed in on the gunman at Mandalay Bay, he may have been watching their every move through cameras placed in the hallway.”

University of Nevada, Las Vegas assistant hockey coach Nick Robone was at the Las Vegas concert with his brother, Anthony, a Henderson, Nevada Fire Department paramedic. Initially, the pair thought they heard firecrackers.

“The moment I realized that it was gunshots was when I heard my brother say, ‘I got hit.’ I turned around and I saw him coughing up blood.”

Nick was shot in the chest.

“We just took a little piece of plastic – it appeared to be a sucking chest wound, (so) we put the plastic piece on his chest over the wound” and secured it with three adhesive bandages.”

Nick was put onto an ambulance. Anthony stayed to help, “It was a group effort between everybody, whether they were trained medically or not.”

And about his wounded brother, “I think he’s going to make it out, because he’s tough.”

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