Las Vegas Shooting: Brian Rogers and EMT Kaitlyn Rogers

From my notes:  “A source has let me know that law enforcement has a video of the Vegas murderer shooting from the hotel room. Apparently he set up a system to tape himself in the act. What a disconnect.”

It was a few minutes after 10, Sunday night when Brian Rogers’ cellphone went off. It was his daughter, Kaitlyn, who left her shift helping out at the ambulance’s medic tent to enjoy a bit of the country music.

“I expected she was calling to say good night. And she said, ‘Daddy, they’re shooting at me.’ That’s a big statement to make for somebody to get when they’re half asleep, so I don’t know that I reacted.”

A feeling of helplessness hit Rogers as he sped to the scene not even knowing if his youngest daughter was still alive.

“When I first arrived, there were people lying in the street, deceased. There were people running out of the venue covered in blood, and it was very hard to tell which ones were the patients versus which ones were the people helping them. It was chaotic.”

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn was in the medic tent, spiking IV bags as the space filled with the injured, “We didn’t know what was going on, really, outside of that tent. Just to have people that could look at me and say ‘We’re OK,’ and me to kind of return, that was just something that could kind of keep us going and keep our focus on a patient and not us.”

Days later, Rogers is still fighting with his feelings, “I’m going through a lot of the different emotions that you go through. I was, and I still am, very angry. I don’t know how something so evil could happen to so many people.

“I’m just trying to understand how and why, and I may never know. That’s the hardest part, never knowing, right?”

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