Las Vegas Shooting: Linda and Donnie Proctor

From my notes:  “Authorities have recovered over 40 firearms from the Las Vegas murders hotel room and his home.”

Linda and Donnie Proctor went to Las Vegas with their daughter and son-in-law to see country music artist Jake Owen, a family friend perform. He gave them backstage passes.

At first she was confused about the sounds and didn’t realize what was happening. Linda describes what happened next.

“Then everybody just starts screaming, ‘Get down! Get down!’ So we all just fell down on the ground. I laid there, and I swear to God, I wondered what it’s going to feel like to get shot. I just knew I was going to get shot.”

Finally mustering the courage to run for cover, she ducked beneath a food truck where she heard a woman ask, “Can I put my baby in your cooler?” to shield him.

When she saw an opening in the fence, she tried to shimmy under, but she got stuck.

“I knew no one. I was alone, But, I thought, ‘I can do this.’ [Then] some young girl that I don’t know came back for me. She helped pull the fence off me and pull me under.”

Linda found herself in a parking lot full of buses and trucks.

“I stood there by myself and I just didn’t know what to do.”

Hiding behind bus, she glanced around. She found herself next to Jake Owen’s crew’s bus.

“I ran around the bus, and I banged on the door and it was locked, but they opened it up and pulled me in. Nobody knew anything for a long time. I was trying to be so brave, but I have to admit, I thought my husband or daughter could be laying out there on that field.”

But her husband, daughter and son-in-law made their own escape.

“After Linda had gone, we stayed down, because the bullets were coming all into us. We knew to stay low and stay behind things. “We were behind some 50-gallon drums with bullets still coming in. We waited for them to finally stop, and took off again.”

In between taking cover and running for safety, Donnie described looking back over the concert field: “The younger folks were just traumatized. You know, little kids and stuff? Frozen with fear and sitting down and crying their eyes out right in the middle, where they could be shot.”

The trio eventually made it to the MGM, got a ride as far as the police barricades before walking the rest of the way to the Mandalay.

After hearing her family was safe, Linda says, “I just stood there by myself. I was in shock. And about 30 minutes later, I looked up and they were walking down the hall. And we just ran to each other.”

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