Las Vegas Shooting: Nevada State Trooper Travis Smaka

From my notes: “Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has postponed plans to announce his candidacy for governor in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.”

Sunday night, Nevada State Trooper Travis Smaka’s life changed forever. Sitting down for his shift briefing, the call came through on the radio saying there was a shooting at the Mandalay.

“[The] Sergeant told us to go and we were literally in a sprint.”

As he worked to shut down I-15 highway, he saw a vehicle flashing its lights, flagged him down.

“The female passenger started telling me they had people dying. I looked in the bed and I just saw bodies lying on bodies and they were severely injured there was no doubt about that.”

He escorted them as quickly as he could to the hospital.

“When I got to trauma center that is when it occurred to me how catastrophic this was, when they were treating people in the parking lot. I mean they were swarmed with catastrophic injuries.”

On the way to complete his original assignment, another trooper flagged him down — he too was escorting a pick up truck with people in the back.

“That is one that is haunting me. It was a man and a wife and the wife was literally missing the back of her head. He was holding her and I felt so bad for this man because she was gone and just looking at this man thinking his world will never be the same.

That is something that is weighing heavily on my heart because I didn’t want to lose anybody on my watch. I can’t un-see some of the things I saw that night and un-hear the pain and agony people were in. It is going to stay with me the rest of my days.”

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