Las Vegas Shooting: Anthony Chavez

From my notes:  “Hayley Geftman-Gold is an attorney for CBS. She tweeted that she was “not even sympathetic” to the the Las Vegas shooting victims because “country music fans often are Republican.””

Anthony Chavez was simply known as the “hero in the red hat,” He he would have remained unknown if Larry Rorick hadn’t searched him out.

“[He] got our wives over the gate and under the stage to relative safety. He didn’t follow the girls after tossing them over the gate, because in the chaos he couldn’t find his girlfriend.

He didn’t follow them over because he had to find his own girl.

Our wives eventually made it out the back of the stage and over a 15 foot fence with about 40 people of the 22,000. They never saw the red hat again.

We had been looking for that couple. I had been thinking about them all morning and all night.”

From his point of view Chavez says, “Everybody had a delayed reaction. They didn’t know if it was gunfire or fireworks. They hit the ground. I couldn’t get down on the floor there was nowhere for me to go. The gunfire was coming right over my shoulder.”

To his right, Chavez saw a girl covered in blood, “She was in shock, looking at her hands. So, I said, ‘OK, let’s go jump the fence.’ [Then] I ran into a lady who was leaning up against a pole. She was just giving up. I was like, ‘Nope. Come on. Let’s go. We have to go — do not stop!’

For an hour, Chavez stood in the middle of the street, directing people where to go, “I was yelling the whole time. I lost my voice. I sounded like a drill instructor. I wasn’t shaking. I wasn’t scared. I don’t know what made me stay and do that.

Honestly, I didn’t do much. I helped people get to a point where they could get to safety. I had that mindset. With how chaotic it was, somebody just needed to be in charge.”

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