Las Vegas Shooting: Taylor Benge

From my notes:  “I think the reason Obama’s keeping his mouth shut is because of the ‘Bump Stock,’ police found in the shooters room, a piece of shooting equiptment he approved as president.” 

When Taylor Benge went to the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, an agnostic. He left a Believer:

“I was agnostic going into that concert and I’m a firm believer in God now. Because there’s no way that all of that happened and that I made it and I was blessed enough to still be here alive talking to you today.

My sister and I, we started running to the left and every time they shot, we took cover. My sister, being as noble as she, she actually threw herself on top of me and was saying, ‘I love you Taylor, I love you.’

And I’ll never forget that.

[I] didn’t know we were safe until we were sitting in McCarran [airport,] one of their hangars almost — a car almost ran through the gate to get on the runway just to get away from that location. I saw a bunch of people trying to help.

Unfortunately, I also saw a lot of loved ones with their significant others holding them as they passed.”

His sister survived.

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