Miles from Town: Chapter 9

The night, though cold and moonless, was most uneventful. Again Gil heard the coyotes pad’s gently following at some distance to either side, but this time he welcomed their company, whistling the lullaby, not as a comfort or warning for himself, but for them. A some point in the dark of the early morning hours, … Continue reading Miles from Town: Chapter 9


The Twist in Nevada’s Gun and Marijuana Laws

As I clear out old notes,  I've found one I’d written October 19, 2009 after reading the following paragraph in the New York Times: “'People who use marijuana for medical purposes and those who distribute it to them should not face federal prosecution, provided they act according to state law, the Justice Department said Monday … Continue reading The Twist in Nevada’s Gun and Marijuana Laws

The Smartest Woman on Earth

They came peacefully, seeking the meaning of life. “Please, bring us the smartest person on your planet.” After much discussion between all the world leaders, they decided that the smartest was an American woman of great renown. She was then sent to speak with the space-travelers. After a great ceremony celebrating the friendship between the … Continue reading The Smartest Woman on Earth


It began at 2116 hours, Independence Day evening. The sun was no longer in the sky, though it’s glow was still slightly visible beyond the western hillside. That’s when the first staccato discharge from a firearm echoed across the landscape. It touched off the ensuing explosions of further gunfire, M-80s, Lady Fingers, Whistlers and Bottle … Continue reading Alive