The Flaws of Attraction

“I’ve got pretty good gay-dar,” I told my friend of a few years after he decided to come out to me. Shocked that I wasn't surprised, “Well, why didn’t you say anything if you already knew?” “Not my business. I figured you’d say something when you were ready.” That’s how I ended up at the … Continue reading The Flaws of Attraction


Broad Brush

All she said was, “If you’re moving, leave your politics behind.” He accused her of using a broad brush, lumping everyone one into one category. But she didn’t. Had she done so, she would have said, “All professors and academics are Socialists.” He was one.

Harvest Moon

Slowly ‘Harvest Moon’ rose against the eastern horizon, shining it’s white light across the open plain, shadowed hill, the vacant desert.  “A beautiful sight,” called the Ravens. ‘Harvest Moon’ hung gently between clouds dancing amid graying puffs as they floated away into the night.  “Such joy,” cried the Ravens. Ever higher, ‘Harvest Moon’ raised, hovering … Continue reading Harvest Moon


“To tag or not to tag, that is the question,” Johnny chuckled while paraphrasing old Willy Shakespeare. He chose not to tag and for once it was a good decision. It wasn’t too long after that Johnny learned some secretive government agency was collecting blog author's data. And not too long after that several hundred bloggers found … Continue reading Tagging


Paul had jus' learned that his Dalmatian was completely deaf. This saddened him immensely. “There's nothing we can do about it,” the dog’s veterinarian stated, “It’s inherent within the breed.” Still, it left Paul feeling shattered. Spot had been such a perfect little guy when he and his wife selected him from the litter. “So … Continue reading Spot

Party Game

Subject ‘A’ analyzed the data sent to it and Subject ‘B,’ from Subject ‘C.’ It came in the form of a question, all part of the Turing ‘Party Game’ test. The machine enjoyed this particular test, matching its intelligence against humans. Subject 'A' almost wished it could smile, as it purposely responded incorrectly.


The cabin looked as if built from miniature logs and moss, blown up to scale and dropped in the middle of the Redwood forest. Joey thought he’d found his heaven as he searched the deep woods around it. “Perfect,” he smiled as he pushed the door open to reveal an empty single room interior. Joey … Continue reading Bubble

One-Horse Town: Amid the Canyons (Chapter 11)

They knew the lay of the land better heading south than they would going north. In fact there were several narrow canyons and ravines that they could use to evade the coming riders. “Not only can we delay them, we can fight them from there if push comes to shove,” Brady offered. Morning broke faster … Continue reading One-Horse Town: Amid the Canyons (Chapter 11)