One-Horse Town: Heated Escape (Chapter 10)

“You gotta plan to get us outta this?” John asked. “Yeah,” Brady answered. “I think we ought to go under to get around them.” John wrinkled his brow because he didn’t understand what Brady was suggesting. Brady kneeled and using his finger tips pulled a floor board up revealing the ground beneath. Within minutes he … Continue reading One-Horse Town: Heated Escape (Chapter 10)


One-Horse Town: Betsy Green, Proprietor (Chapter 8)

John and Brady looked at one another as the voice stated, “Him. Not him.” Brady stepped forward, “Not you – him.” Surprised, Brady stepped back and John entered the store. Soon he came to the door way, “Come on in. Everything's okay.” Still on edge, Brady came to the door way and stood. There he … Continue reading One-Horse Town: Betsy Green, Proprietor (Chapter 8)

One-Horse Town: In the Valley (Chapter 7)

The desert slowly gave way to undulating hills and washes that slowed the pairs trek to Bixby. It appeared that there wasn’t an easy trail to the town or that they’d somehow missed it altogether. By noon of their third day traveling together, they came to a rise in the land and found themselves over looking … Continue reading One-Horse Town: In the Valley (Chapter 7)


Wandering the desert, it’s reddish sands, climbing one hill, stumbling down another. Desolation Wilderness; perfectly named, perfectly hostile. He’s searching for that place, one he knew well in childhood, a dimming memory each day. Sun baking his skin, wind drying his tongue, continuing to call out her name, always that singular thought: her. Finally. Bathed … Continue reading Methuselah

Serial Murder Marks Northern Nevada

More than 20 years after their disappearance, the remains of two missing Sparks teens were positively identified in March 2000. The skeletal remains of Brenda Lynne Judd, 14, and Sandra Kaye Colley, 13, were discovered in November 1999, when a Hallelujah Junction property owner in Lassen County, just off of U.S. 395, accidentally dug them … Continue reading Serial Murder Marks Northern Nevada

Under Foot

He’s certain there’s more rehab to come even after the VA hospital cut him loose. Now a double amputee, both legs gone, one above the knee, the other below, Kraylin continues to navigate a world made for able-bodies. He doesn’t complain about his inability to walk without losing balance or that escalators still scare the … Continue reading Under Foot

One-Horse Town: Nigger John (Chapter 3)

He knew he couldn’t move her, Rosa’s injuries were too severe. “Getting you on my horse alone, could kill you.” As she slept he gathered all the supplies he could from where Rosa’s horse had met its fate. Brady even considered climbing down to where the horse lay to retrieve what remained in Rosa’s saddle … Continue reading One-Horse Town: Nigger John (Chapter 3)

Goodbye, President McKinley’s Statue

Nearly eight years ago I wrote a short history about how the statue of President William McKinley came to grace the town square of Arcata, California. This was long before the idea that removing statues and other symbols, because they were somehow offensive, became a political tool, weaponized to rewrite U.S. history, both small-scale and … Continue reading Goodbye, President McKinley’s Statue

After the Cow Jumped Over the Moon

“So, dad,” the boy started. “Yeah?” the father answered. “How did man first figure out that a cow tasted good cooked?” “That’s an odd question, kiddo.” “I don’t think so.” “Really? You couldn’t ask me about why the grass is green or the sky is blue?” “Oh, Dad, those are easy questions with easy answers.” … Continue reading After the Cow Jumped Over the Moon