The Interview

“Welcome to Jerusalem this evening. Earlier today, we caught up with the spokesperson of a man executed 24-hours ago by the local authorities. He claims his client was innocent. But what about his political activities?” “There are none, his only interest people." “So why execute him?” “He threatens to upset their system.” “But I thought … Continue reading The Interview


Farewell to ‘Dode’ Lockhart and Chuck Blackburn

Childhood has a way of slipping by in the most painful way -- through the spector of death. I came to this conclusion again after finding the name’s of two people I’ve known, listed in the obituary section of Crescent City, California’s local paper. Brad ‘Dode’ Lockhart and I went to Del Norte High together. … Continue reading Farewell to ‘Dode’ Lockhart and Chuck Blackburn


"Is it money you want?” he pleaded, as I tightened the zip-ties binding his wrists. I shook my head, 'No.' She continued struggling against her restraints, “Try all you want, you ain't getting loose.” Picking up my bat, I asked, “Who’s first?” No answer, so turning to the husband, “How 'bout you?” “No? Her then," as … Continue reading Bravely