Alice in Munchkinland

She was watching the white rabbit carrying a satchel. Being curious, Alice Liddell followed the hare into the garden.

“Why are you running?” she asked.

“I’m very late. No time to talk.”

“You can speak!”

“No I can’t, I’m late.”

“Where are you going?”

“To the Red Queen’s. It’s her birthday. I’m to bring her a gift!”

“I’d love to meet her.”

“Very well!”

The rabbit slipped into a hole, leaving behind his satchel. Alice picked it up and looking inside, found a pair of ruby slippers. “I could wear them till the rabbit returns,” she said, slipping them on and excitedly clicking her heels together.

Suddenly,  Alice slipped into confusion. Once she could think straight, she found herself sitting along a brightly painted cobblestone road, “I don’t think this is Oxford anymore.”

Still slightly stunned, a very small man approached her and she asked, “Who are you?”

“Welcome to Munchkinland. I represent the Lollipop Guild and I see you’ve brought Dorothy’s ruby slippers with you. Miss Gale will be so happy.”

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