It’s really hard to watch our eldest dog coming to the end of her life. She has dementia and – even though she dances around for her food at dinnertime – she needs hand-feeding as she’s has for the most part forgotten how to eat out of her supper bowl. I know that someday, sooner than later, I’ll have to make that final decision and lay her to rest, but not today as I watch over her, sleeping peacefully and twitching from little dog dreams.

And while on the subject of our eldest dog, I’m certain the neighbor’s think I’m nuts as I told them that I think there’s an owlet living in one of their pine trees. This came about the other evening when they texted Mary to let her know there were a couple of owls in our tree.

This is why I don’t let our eldest dog, which happens to also be our tiniest dog outside at night. She is literally small than the rabbits that invade our grass after dark and it would be easy for a hawk or owl to swoop in and carry her off.

Anyway, once outside, I could see one of the owls, but not the other. I tried to get some photo’s of it but my camera refused to focus or to flash, so when it dropped from our tree and into the neighbor’s trees, I had nothing to show for my efforts.

The next night, I when took her outside to do her business, I heard the flapping of a large bird’s wings coming from my neighbor’s side of the fence, in the area of the pine trees. Since I don’t have a cellphone capable of texting, I ask Mary to let the neighbors know that I think they could have an owl, and owlet or even an owl’s nest in their trees.

Thus, this is why I believe they may think I’m nuts. Oh, and as for my camera’s failure — a lack of a battery will do it every time.

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