25975550_10209416830412345_621143089_nObviously, I pissed someone off and they decided to get back at me through Facebook (FB.) I think it began last night when I had trouble loading a video to my timeline. Then this morning around 5:30, I lost control of my mouse’s functions for a couple of minutes.

Half an hour later, I had no control of my FB page and I immediately let the folks over in the Bay area know what was happening. While they couldn’t help, I did get a hold of McAfee and they aided me in shutting down this hack. It took nearly eight-hours to restore my FB page and clean out anything maliciously hidden in my computer system.

In that time period, FB decided I violated their community standards and banned me for a 24-hour period, meaning I can see your post, but I am unable to respond to a post or post anything directly. I figure this happened because of several ‘nudie’ photographs that found their way my page, and while I didn’t see them until a friend sent me me a screen-shot, I apologize for their appearance on my page.

Thank you for sticking with me through this and a special thanks to my friend, Lisa Arteaga for taking the time to explain what was going on and for posting a notice — complete with a tag and everything — to my newly restored FB page to let you know what was happening.  So barring any further blocking by the social media site, I’ll be back in less than 24-hours. Take care of each other till then.

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