Beyond the Main Stream

Democrat California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh has resign after he was accused of masturbating in front of a female lobbyist at a party in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Richmond Roughriders, an indoor football team in the American Arena League, has offered former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick a spot on their roster. No word yet on whether he will take the position or not.

California Governor Jerry Brown claims that the wildfires ravaging the greater Los Angeles area are part of a “new normal” residents can expect due to man-made global warming.

California Democrat and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continues to condemn President Trumps decision to moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Yet in October 1995, Pelosi voted for the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 , which required the move of the embassy without precondition of a negotiated settlement.

For the second time in a month and a half, Israeli Defense Forces uncovered a Hamas cross-border terror tunnel near the Gaza Strip border.

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says that any woman who has felt violated or mistreated by a man has every right to speak up, even if she is accusing President Trump.

A Chicago woman involved in a beating of a mentally disabled man that was broadcast on Facebook Live pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to probation.

The U.S. State Department is refusing to recognize “Jerusalem, Israel” as a place that actually exists on maps, documents and passports.

Two more individuals on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team have ties to Clinton and Obama. Aaron Zebley represented Justin Cooper, in the Hillary Clinton email controversy and Jeannie Rhee represented ex-Obama National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering case, as well as Hillary herself.

American skiing star Lindsey Vonn has withdrawn from her Sunday events at the World Cup in Switzerland after suffering a back injury during a super-G race on Saturday.

Judge Rudolph Contreras, an Obama appointee, has recused himself for unknown reasons, from the sentencing phase of Michael Flynn. Judge Emmet Sullivan is taking over the case.

The U.S. Navy says Marquie Little, a black sailor who claimed to be the target of racial slurs written on his bed, actually staged the entire incident against himself.

Members of the Edina High School Young Conservatives Club are suing their Minnesota school district for disbanding their organization after they spoke out against a national anthem protest.

Senator Bernie Sanders is urging Democrats to wait for special counsel Mueller’s investigation to play out before starting any kind of formal impeachment process against President Trump.

Illinois prosecutors say Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine, who claimed allegations of sexual misconduct dating back decades are “unfounded,” will not face criminal charges.

A new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform shows Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $134.9 billion annually, while state and local expenditures for services provided to illegal aliens total $88.9 billion and federal expenditures $45.8 billion. Meanwhile illegal aliens contribute $19 billion in taxes.

The U.S. Navy has conducted a strike on multiple Taliban narcotics production facilities in Helmand province of Afghanistan destroying nearly $4 million in direct Taliban revenues.

And finally, let ministering Angels come to you now, giving you strength in every weak and weary place.

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