Simply, Happy New Year

Awoke this morning to the dog's barking alarm. We had a hot air balloon operating in the area and both Yaeger and Buddy are suspicious of such objects floating over our neighborhood. Made for a beautiful photo-op, though. Once I snapped all the pictures I wanted, I came in a downloaded them to my computer. … Continue reading Simply, Happy New Year


Nevada Congressman Called on to Resign

Democratic Congressman Ruben Kihuen of Nevada is being pressured to resign by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi following a news story recently published in BuzzFeed. Following Pelosi's call for his resignation, Kihuen went on record, saying Pelosi knew about the sexual harassment allegations against him since 2016, before he got elected. Kihuen’s former campaign finance … Continue reading Nevada Congressman Called on to Resign

Taxation is Theft, But They Still Gotta Be Paid

Talking taxes is difficult, leaving many people, including me, glassy-eyed and drooling. So I’ve done my best to breakdown how the House and Senate versions of the recent tax reform bills compare as they head to committee for reconciliation. Currently, there are seven tax brackets with rates of 10, 15, 25, 28, 33, 35 and … Continue reading Taxation is Theft, But They Still Gotta Be Paid

Obama’s Misuse of the Logan Act

The Obama administration weaponized the Logan Act to attack the incoming Trump administration.  By knowing its common practice for incoming administration officials to communicate their polices to their foreign counterparts, then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates used the act to link the Trump administration to Russia via his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The Logan Act … Continue reading Obama’s Misuse of the Logan Act