Picking at Loose Threads

It was in November 2011 when I first read a comment about a connection between Harvey Weinstein and the 2010 murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen. I went back and sought that thread out.

From DataLounge.com, dated November 28, 2011: “I found this posted in a comment on a deadline.com article.

We have reason to believe that Ms. Chasen had a celebrity client who had a person that was (and is) very angry with them regarding a mutually known woman, partly over money, but more over obsession. Ms. Chasen was insulating the client from the angry party, and taking the heat on both sides.

The contract against Ms. Chasen was a message to the celebrity that the game was over. The celebrity is now in hiding with full surveilance (sic.)

The woman has now fled the country. The suicide gunman was a decoy, and the real gunman — working for the hire (sic,) got paid well by his boss and is also now out of the country, and now being hired to find the woman.

The celebrity is also now in great danger. Thank goodness you readers, public here were smart enough to know BS when you heard it.

After reading this for some reason my brain went to Harvey Weinstein. Don’t know why but he popped into my head. — Anonymous”

Don’t you find such connections revealing? I do.

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