Fishing for Chickens

Before we were old enough to go out and help around the farm, like our cousins, my brother and I would end up staying with Grandma. There was very little to do, so we quickly grew bored and that’s how we got in to trouble. Grandma raised chickens in a large coop out back of … Continue reading Fishing for Chickens


Dusty Road

Love the long dusty road, Crunch of gravel Beneath boot and hoof. Come on friend, travel Down that dusty road, Where life awaits. Thirty-year old tractor, Fence posts, barbed wire, Barking ranch dogs, Kids doing chores. Heifer, hawk, coyote Down that long dusty road. Barnes half-fallen, Sun-weathered boards, Bailing wire, nails. Down that dusty road … Continue reading Dusty Road


hard times create strong men should they stand beside you respect them -- strong men make good seasons good seasons bring on softness softness develops weak men protect them -- when they stand behind you weak men beget hard times should they stand against you defeat them -- hard times make strong men

Dispelling Another Media Lie

A large number of Black candidates claimed victory in yesterday’s state and local elections across the country. The media portends these results are a reaction to President Trump and Republican policies in general. But this isn’t true… Prior to 1964 there were very few Black people in the Democratic party. After 1964, the Democratic party … Continue reading Dispelling Another Media Lie