Secondhand Wedding Dress

The young couple saw the wedding dress in the window of the secondhand store and Arekkusu thought it perfect. So she and her fiance, Kairu decided to go inside, so she could try it on. After the shop owner retrieved the garment for Arekkusu, she told the bride-to-be that the dress brought bad fortune in … Continue reading Secondhand Wedding Dress


Little Dolly’s Day Out

Granddaughter insists Grandpa carry Little Dolly. Though embarrassed, Grandpa does so without complaint. After playing in the park, Granddaughter wants to pick blackberries, so the pair pluck ripened berries till noon. Scared of rustling in the bushes, Granddaughter wants to go, believing it's Zombies. They hurry home. Granddaughter takes a nap. Grandpa visits Facebook. Grandpa … Continue reading Little Dolly’s Day Out

Recalling My Nevada Refugee Warning

In August 2016, I posted an article about foreign refugees being resettled in Northern Nevada. I was roundly criticized, including being called an Islamophobe, for pointing out how these people were not being properly scrutinized, setting up the possibility that they could bring acts of terror to the state and the U.S. Well, here is … Continue reading Recalling My Nevada Refugee Warning

The Long Way Down

Bbbrrraaappp…shit, my damn cellphone. It’s three-in-the-morning, can’t be good news. I roll over to pick it up, zap, blinding lights flash from it, my body receives a violent jolt that crashes through my body, hundreds of old-fashioned photographic flash bulbs explode in my brain. “What the hell!” I cry, my arms and legs twitching uncontrollably. Never … Continue reading The Long Way Down

Universal Carnival Mirror

Archie has a bunch of problems, all self-made – booze, money, women, but Archie also has the solution.  A universal carnival mirror that’ll let him go back in time, with enough duration to fix any future mistakes after they occur. Recently, Archie acquired another problem – all those other Archie's.  They appear after each use … Continue reading Universal Carnival Mirror

Cat Fishing Nurse Wratchet

Holed-up all night in my proverbial box, I've been wrestling with my pet 'Anaconda' and we’ve been losing. Suddenly the key turns in the door and there stands Nurse Wratchet, screaming, “What are you doing?!” After explaining that I’m wresting with my pet 'Anaconda,' she responds, “That’s no snake, that’s a friggin’ worm!” Not one … Continue reading Cat Fishing Nurse Wratchet

The Dangers of Free-Range Dinosaurs

Terkerkue' walked across the yard and peeked between the metal slats of the electrified fence, making certain not to touch it. Designed to keep things out and not in and it left her feeling restless. She had reclaimed her ancestral name, the one meaning Quail, that her Grandfather had given her as a newborn. Terkerkue' felt it … Continue reading The Dangers of Free-Range Dinosaurs

Modified Homicide

Cindy dropped four quarters in the vending machine and pushed ‘F-7.’ The corresponding screw twisted clockwise and down fell a cellophane wrapped package of microwavable popcorn. She unwrapped the package and checked the preparation instructions, flattening out the folded popcorn container, before slipping it in the ‘nuker.’ As she did this, her co-worker, Maria walked … Continue reading Modified Homicide

Nevada’s Political Season is Here

The gloves are off in Nevada as State Treasurer Dan Schwartz has made his gubernatorial bid known, and the GOP establishment came out swinging at him. Immediately following his announcement, a series of attack ads hit the radio waves and Internet calling him a shill for a Republican super PAC with ties to Republican mega-donors … Continue reading Nevada’s Political Season is Here

The Private Thoughts of G.I. Joe

Joe stood against the wall, right where the boss-lady wanted him. Usually, the retired Jarhead worked in the other room, but since the boss-man wasn’t around, the boss-lady commandeered his services. Anyone that knew Joe, knew what he was about, that security was his thing and that there was no one tougher than he was … Continue reading The Private Thoughts of G.I. Joe

The Cure for Common Americanism

It wasn’t to long ago that I caught holy hell for suggesting that ‘Progressivism,’ is a mental health disease. Now, the table's turned as a group of scientists from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Bonn, Germany have come up with a medicinal cure for xenophobia. Xenophobia is simply defined as a dislike or fear of people from other … Continue reading The Cure for Common Americanism

Harry Reid in Another Corruption Case

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid is like a gift that keeps on giving. I mean – well I thought – the next time I wrote anything meaningful about him, it would be his obituary. Federal court documents show that in November 2011, New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez got Reid’s help in pressuring the Centers … Continue reading Harry Reid in Another Corruption Case