Remembering the People’s Princess

It was about this time 20-years ago that my wife awoke me so I could get ready for my overnight shift at KOZZ. When she did, she also told me that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash. At midnight September 1, I went on air, and all through the morning I gave … Continue reading Remembering the People’s Princess


Caught Between What’s Right and Regulation

Right or wrong...houses of worship are generally relegated to a secondary role in disaster situations. The reason being is that they must sign an agreement with their local municipalities that says they will not take in disaster victims until the municipalities primary facilities are filled to capacity. It's done this way so that the municipalities … Continue reading Caught Between What’s Right and Regulation

Fake News Coming Close to Home

You know the ‘fake news’ situation has gotten out of hand when local politicians start claiming what is supposedly happening nationally, is 'actually' happening locally. It began after the progressive rag ‘USA Today,’ claimed they had an exclusive: “Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family." Next CNN picked … Continue reading Fake News Coming Close to Home


God’s timing so great, humor harsh, humor true: First time since childhood Millennial's see the sky above. Only matters be far worse: The Godless, their prattled-hype Create mass-delusion, As nation stopped, Faces skyward turned -- Stunned by nature's beauty. Truth shines beyond the moon shadow focus: Our Creator is cast aside once again, By our … Continue reading Eclipsed

The Circle

At times I get angry, Forgetting myself, others. Hurting people’s feelings, Including family, friends, Don’t take it personal. At times I get angry, Forgetting myself, others. I am jus' venting hard, At the darkness beyond the light, From our campfire’s circle.