Progress Being Made

In between working to revamp my blog with a new name and new look, I've already run into Reno so Kyle could apply for his old job and to pick up some of his things from storage. I tried to help him but the first crate I lifted tossed my back out. Right now, he's … Continue reading Progress Being Made


Former CIA Director Calls for a Coup

Former President Obama's shadow government is slowly moving into the daylight, as his ex-CIA chief John Brennan is openly calling for a coup to oust President Trump, should Trump fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Brennan appeared at the Aspen Security Forum in Vero Beach, Florida, during a panel discussion with Obama propogandist and CNN anchor Wolf … Continue reading Former CIA Director Calls for a Coup


“You were born prematurely,” Sam’s mother explained to him when he went to her again to complain about being smaller than everyone else in his class. He had heard the same thing most of his life, but had only now, at age 12, begin to understand what being ‘premature’ actually meant – small. Sam knew … Continue reading Small


By week eleven, our final week, we were beginning to see new faces around the barracks. It was the members of a new "baby flight," entering the pipeline. It was nice to see some different people after nearly three-months. The night before graduation, after I learned I was going to pass the coarse material, I … Continue reading Velva