Marcy Jean Darby-Velasquez, 1969-2017

This is hard, posting an obituary for my youngest sister, as it comes with a hurting heart. I can still recall how Mom’s water broke while in the kitchen the night Marcy was born.

Mom was squatting, looking for a certain pan under the counter. After her water broke (I thought she pee’d herself) I had to help her stand up and then call Dad at work to tell him to get home.

What made it even more memorable is that three days before, on April Fool’s Day, Mom tricked Dad into rushing to Crescent City claiming, “it’s time,” only to go to dinner and return home with a new alarm clock-radio combo she bought at Rexall Drugs. I’ve always said that Marcy got the last laugh in that situation.

She and I had not spoken since our mother’s passing in 2002. It was her choice, not mine.

Anyway, I lifted and edited much of what my sister Deirdre posted on Facebook about our youngest sister’s life and death, which is how I learned she had died. Deirdre also sent information to me regarding Marcy’s death via the U.S. Mail Service — but we know how that goes…

Marcy Jean Darby was born in Crescent City, California at Seaside Hospital on April 3, 1969, and grew up in Klamath, California, where she attended Margaret Keating School. She passed away in Shasta Lake, California at the House of Hope on March 26, 2017, at the age of 47.

After an accident left her partially paralyzed in 1981, and nearly a year of physical therapy, Marcy moved to Fortuna, California, with Mom and Deirdre, where she attended Fortuna High and then East High School. She later attended the College of the Redwoods, Fredericks and Charles Beauty College, both in Eureka, California, and Genesis Bible College of Santa Rosa, California.

She’s survived by her sons, Christopher Scot Key and Delmar-James Alexander Key, her sister Deirdre Peterson and family, all of Fortuna, and brother Tom Darby and his family of Spanish Springs, Nevada. Marcy’s preceded in death by brother Adam M. Darby and mother Margery Ann Olivera-Middleton and her father Thomas Junior Darby.


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  1. Breathe Tom…. I know it’s hard, especially when it hurts to try. I have blue skies and white cumulus clouds here, I hope you do. Seems it’s been a tough go for you lately. Deep breaths and clear skies ahead for you. 🙂🌹

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