April’s Load

Come what may Jus’ can’t stay Hit the road Got nothin’ to say So outta the way Ain’t no one cryin’ Ain’t no one lyin’ Gonna go pray Stomach in pain From all the strain Know the want to Know a need too Bye April's load Gonna go play Come what may

The Misheard Instruction

While being interviewed recently by a prospective employer, she asked a question that I've never been asked before: "Has there ever been a time when you misheard an instruction or something some told you and what happened and how did you deal with it?"  While I couldn't think of this particular incident at the time, I … Continue reading The Misheard Instruction


William Harlan Leslie Shaw, 1897-1972

While searching the online records regarding my sister Marcy’s many legal-actions against businesses and people who failed to comply with the American's with Disabilities Act of 1990, I stumbled onto my Grandpa Bill Shaw’s name. His has led me down an avenue that had long been obscured from my family researches. He was born William … Continue reading William Harlan Leslie Shaw, 1897-1972