The Other Door

Some of my better prayers are asked and answered while I'm in the shower. It’s as if the echoing sound of the water rushing from the spray head acts as a masking agent for a soft voice that otherwise is a feeling and not heard. This is where I was talking to God about a recurring dream … Continue reading The Other Door


The Night Amos Moses put the Lime in the Coconut

Last night as I laid in bed and failed to go to sleep, I decided to listen to some music from my nearby device. My taste in music covers nearly every genre available, so many times I end up hearing strange combinations of songs falling back-to-back. Megadeth  pounding in to the mellifluous Platters, anyone? Case … Continue reading The Night Amos Moses put the Lime in the Coconut

Del Norte County’s Black Dahlia Case

The name written on the cover page of this address book was Lucille Blair, 4981 N. Jersey, Portland, Oregon. It was that of an unknown woman whose badly decomposed and mutilated was was found north of Crescent City on March 1, 1957. Ten-years earlier Elizabeth Short was found murdered, her naked body sliced in two … Continue reading Del Norte County’s Black Dahlia Case

What Really Happened to Margaret Keating’s Husband

It’s been one of those searches that has left me puzzled – until today. When I was a kid, my folks told me not to ask Margaret Keating about her husband William, telling me it was impolite and that, “Mrs. Keating still misses him dearly.” That left me unable to find out what had happened … Continue reading What Really Happened to Margaret Keating’s Husband

The Bar

Should you lower the bar for yourself, you're less likely to accomplish anything that matters; when you lower it for others, there's little advantage in, or advancement from, beating the competition; if you raise it for yourself, accomplishments set you apart, and failure is something to dread and, therefore, to avoid, and when you raise … Continue reading The Bar


Here I am once again, the eighth day in a row, staring at a blank computer screen battling with myself over what to write. I have concluded that I don’t want to write about politics or the Constitution, because I cannot deal with the massive disappointment I feel about the direction this nation continues to … Continue reading Stuck

What’s in a Word?

Our founding fathers were considered Liberal in their day. During Teddy Roosevelt's day Progressives commandeered the word, 'liberal' and dispossessed it of its meaning as defined by Noah Webster. This is about the same time the federal government began its encroachment on education. Thus, generations of Americans have no true knowledge of its definition or … Continue reading What’s in a Word?

Obama’s Trail of Wire Tapping

The fake-news media not only suffers from a short attention span, but from an ingrained lack of long-term memory, forgetting that much of what it disseminates is available at the click of a mouse. Sadly, they truly believe the American people, at least those who are awake and interested in the truth, have the same memory-lapse that … Continue reading Obama’s Trail of Wire Tapping

Season Pass

The Department of the Navy is now assigning women to quarters in a separate private "OFF LIMITS" area on all aircraft carriers. Addressing all boat personnel at Pearl Harbor, CINCPAC advised, "The female sleeping quarters will be "out-of-bounds" for all men.  Anyone caught breaking this rule will be fined $50 the first time." He continued, … Continue reading Season Pass

DOJ Busted Funding Progressive Groups

Slowly but surely, the tentacles that the Obama administration left coiled in place to continue squeezing and choking our nation to death are being undone. The latest finding is that the administration secretly guided over $440 million to activists organizations through the Department of Justice. While legal, this is an immoral act on the part … Continue reading DOJ Busted Funding Progressive Groups