Water, Water Everywhere

If you live in Washoe County, Nevada, you’ve no doubt heard we are no longer in ‘a drought situation.’ However you’ll be forced to act as if we were still in that situation because of what the county commission has done for developers.

Evidently, they have decided that county residents should pay for the majority of the water to be used by incoming developers, and not force the developer to pay for that water themselves. The commissions’ reasoning: if the developer isn’t given some sort of break, they will take their business elsewhere.

What B.S.! I say let the developers take their business elsewhere –either that or pay their fair share of the water they use and not force county citizens to pick-up their tab for something the developer and not the citizen will directly financial benefit from.

As for me, I’m tired of paying and paying for government approved activities, like schools, apartment complexes and the sort that do not benefit me or mine. It is time that our local government start listening to the people who elected them and quit worrying about lining their pockets for the next election cycle.

Personally, I’m tired of paying for their elections. Their actions and this future price increase and faux-drought is nothing more than another form of tyranny!

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