Dirty Shirley

It was about one month or so before high school graduation and my parent’s decided to treat me to a night out on the town. In Klamath, California, that meant either the radar base, Paul’s Cannery or Crivelli's Bar in the Klamath Glen. That’s how I came to be sitting at a table with my … Continue reading Dirty Shirley


We’re in the Same Boat

Our Federal government, under Barack Obama, has spent millions of our taxpayer dollars to destabilize the government of Macedonia. Obama, working with George Soros and his ‘Open Society Foundation,’ used Ambassador Jess L. Baily to funnel large sums of U.S. dollars to the cause, which is a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The … Continue reading We’re in the Same Boat

Tap Dancing Around Equal Protection

Using terminology like “…represents a substantial, multi-billion-dollar private investment in our Nation’s energy infrastructure...” it’s difficult to see how an Executive Order can fall into the gray-zone of being unconstitutional, but two of President Trump’s orders appears to be tippy-toeing in that area. While hating to be the bearer of bad news, let’s begin with a … Continue reading Tap Dancing Around Equal Protection

When Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

An investigation accusing the Bureau of Land Management’s Dan Love of misconduct and ethics violations could end the feds case against Nevada’s Cliven Bundy and others. Love was the special agent in charge of operations during the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff. Though not named specifically, the report does offer enough details to identify Love as the … Continue reading When Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely