Nevada SOS Opens Probe — But It Ain’t What You Think…

As I stated back when she was running for Nevada Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske is and always has been a Progressive – and yet the Republican Party embraced her whole-heartedly and without shame. And this week, she proved my assertion.

Cegavske opened a criminal probe, but not into the 9,200 returned letters from active voters listing vacant lots as home addresses or Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings or Edward Snowden being registered in Nevada Assembly District 15. And she didn’t open a probe into Democrats using illegal aliens and felons to register new voters, nor is she looking into all the Nevadans who reported showing up to the polls to vote only to be told they had already voted and were given a provisional ballot.

Nope. Nevada’s Progressive Republican Secretary of State opened a criminal investigation into the Republican State Party and whether workers failed to turn in voter registration forms for Democrats who Republicans registered. This is the third time she’s shown her true-colors.

Earlier this year, she investigated another GOP voter registration group, Strategic Allied Consulting, again focusing on Democratic registration forms not filed by the staff. Cegavske also investigated and then charged Republican political consultant Tony Dane.

The Dane case continues to this day.

So now, after failing to investigate allegations of voter fraud in Nevada, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has stepped into investigate the 9,200 returned letters. And we all know how that probe is going to turn out.

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