What’s in My Wallet?

My son decided to treat me to a movie, “Dr. Strange,” which turned out to be a pretty good movie. Anyway, we parked in the back lot and walked the block long distance to the theater.

One of the things I am in the habit of doing is removing my wallet and putting it away while driving. I’ve found that if I sit on it, it causes my back to be off-center and adds to the pain that I experience everyday.

After the movie, we walked around the nearby mall window shopping and such. Once back at the truck, Kyle discovered that he’d forgotten to lock the passenger side door.

Instantly, I knew someone had been in the cab as my knit cap was on the floor board when I had specifically placed it on the seat between the driver and passenger seat.

Realizing this, I looked inside my wallet which was still in the center console where I had forgotten it. Everything, but the $101 in Christmas cash I’d managed to save over this year, was missing.

My immediate reaction was a desire to be pissed off at whoever did this. My next was to be angry at Kyle for no locking the door.

Instead, I decided to be mad at myself for leaving my wallet in my truck in the first place. Unlocked door or not, it is too great a temptation for evil-doers not to find someway to get into a vehicle to steal stuff.

Besides, Kyle lives in a world of electronic automatic locking car doors. And I drive a mid-sized dinosaur from the last century in which nothing is automatic, let alone electronic.

So the best thing I can do is learn from this mistake and move on, while trying to maintain a sense of humor about it all. Too bad GoFundMe won’t allow me to set up a donation site based on my stupidity.

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