What Goes Up…

My wife and I were watching television when a promotional advertisement for a new show came on. In it, two men were in a restroom stall with an inflatable raft and one of the men pulled the handle that allowed the raft to fill with air.

It caused me to recall the fact that inflatable rafts do not fill with slowly. In fact, it happens very quickly and even quicker than one can react to it.

At the time it didn’t seem too funny, but looking back, it’s hilarious.

One of the Marines purchased a Vietnam-era ‘rubber boat’ from a local Army-Navy surplus store and to show it off, he brought it into the squad bay. Once there, we all gathered around to hear bout the grand deal he had made.

That’s when some smart-ass reached over and yanked on the handle. I had leaned over to stop him, but it was too late.

In the blink of an eye, the raft inflated, flinging me into the ceiling.  And no sooner had I slammed into the ceiling — I dropped to floor with a thud.

How they managed to get the damned thing out of the barracks without getting busted, I never knew. I had to be taken to the infirmary for the night as I was suffering from a concussion and a dislocated left wrist.

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