The Road to Reconstruction II Begins Here

It has been an uphill struggle the last eight years as I’ve tried to get the message out to those who would listen that our nation is in grave peril from within. Be for Barack Obama was elected, I began researching him, his past and those he associated with and what I found was terrifying.

Back then though, hardly anyone would listen what I was saying. Those that I told, poo-poo’d me, claiming that I was making a mountain out of a molehill and that I had read too much between the lines as I dug through Obama’s background.

The night he was elected in 2008, I was working at a local radio station and I was an emotional wreck. I vibrated between acute fear for American and extreme sadness, crying off and on throughout the night and early morning.

(No, I do not mind sharing that aspect of myself as it is the real me; I have always been a rather emotional being, even in childhood.)

The second time Obama was elected, I lost it and proclaimed a ‘purge’ was headed our way. This nearly caused an all out fist fight between myself and another announcer at the station.

Instead of being sad, I was irate – too the point that I was out of bounds, both professionally and within myself. The fact that people could not see the damage – the lies – the destruction – this man wrought from his position in the White House and golf course was beyond my ability to understand.

After nearly four-years I had concluded that this nation, as I had known it as a child and as a young man was done for, finished and never to be seen again. Especially with the likes of Hillary Clinton assuming the mantle of Democratic presidential candidate, I knew instinctively this country would not survive.

To that end, I decided to forgo sharing daily articles to my blog, and instead focus my time, my research and my writing skills to Facebook for the purpose of educating those who’d take the time to honestly read what I was posting. Because of this, I have lost a lot of friends and even some family over the course of time and in all honesty, I still do not know if such losses will have been worth it in the long run.

Last night, a couple of minutes after Fox News grew a pair and finally announced what everyone else knew, that Donald Trump had won the election, I sat quietly, bowed my head and prayed for him, for our nation and for you and me – what a difference from 2008 and 2012.

It is comforting to know that I am not the heartless beast, the all out verbal warrior, the Mr. Hyde I had come to think of myself as during this process. As I laid in bed, I found myself feeling sorrow and pity for Hillary Clinton, as I imagined the bitter hurt of being rejected so publically – and it does hurt no matter how tough one might claim to be.

It is a new morning, a new day in the United States. Where we go from this point, only God can say as he’s has made Donald Trump his instrument and we God’s children must bear him up in prayer as that instrument if we wish to undo the damage the Obama administration has done to this nation and her people. Though I am not in charge, my first prayer is that we (as President-elect Trump said,) ‘bind up our wounds,’ forgive each other, return to civilized activity such as a ‘good morning,’ and ‘how are you?’

Lastly, as I’ve told you before, I wanted to be a preacher at one time, but I now understand why God never allowed that to come to fruition – I am too emotional, too foul mouthed, to warrior-like and too politically incorrect in my approach to serve as God’s messenger to the gentler Christian’s among us. For all these things I apologize, if I have offended you – but like war, the battle in defense of the U.S. Constitution and our Constitutional Republic is not meant for the faint of heart and those not willing to hurt and be hurt.

God, bless America and hold Mr. Trump’s feet to your righteous flame.

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